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Hello there! My name is Connor Moreside. I am a backend Node.js / .NET C# developer based out of London, England.

I am a strong proponent of civic technology, and more specifically civic tech which utilizes open data. The vastmajority of my open source applications are built around open datasets provided bygovernment organizations. I volunteer for a group called Beta CityYEG, which is a local civic tech group devoted to “connecting public employees, citizens, and members of Edmonton’s tech /data community in order to address the city and region’s pressing issues.” Here is my latest contribution to the group.

When I am coding for fun, I enjoy working in a variety of languages. I am presently using Python, Haskell, and Node.js in my miscellaneous side projects. Out of those 3 languages listed, Haskell is my favourite! I typically find that if my Haskell code compiles,there is a high probability that it functions as intended ;)